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Hydrotherm Massage Therapy


At our Thetford studio we offer Hydrotherm therapy - the worlds first three dimensional massage system. Hydrotherm therapy was designed and created by British sports and remedial therapist John Holman as a solution to the wrist and back problems associated with giving massages.

The Hydrotherm  massage system  places warm water-filled pads on top of a regular therapy couch. Your entire massage is carried out while you are face-up, on your back. Your therapist will slide their hands between you and the pads to give you a massage. The pads are water tight so you will not get wet.

It is of great benefit to those who find moving difficult or excellent just as an added extra treatment to your therapy. You can fall away into deep relaxation without the need of being disturbed half way to turn over. All therapies are able to be adapted to Hydrotherm. 

Thanks to the constant heat from the pads, a Hydrotherm massage can be beneficial for neck pain, lower back pain, or stiff muscles. The heat from the water helps your muscles warm up which makes the therapy movement easier and more beneficial.

Due to Technical issues Hydrotherm is currently unavailable

All treatments are tailored to your individual needs.

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